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We believe that every child is a champion. We believe in providing excellent training in an environment where the child comes first. We believe that participating in athletics should be challenging and progressive, but never at the expense of fun... or a child’s self worth. We believe that sports should serve as a springboard for lifelong health and fitness, as well as an enduring source of validation and pride. We recognize that each child is unique and that each child learns in his or her own way. We understand that each success, great and small, is important.

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Kids love to play soccer! Soccer is the fastest growing sport for kids in the United States and California has some of the largest and most competitive soccer programs in the nation. Cal Elite Kids is one of the few professional youth sports providers that offers instructional soccer to the very young athlete. Taught in our outdoor soccer classroom, our program provides structured but fun instruction on fundamental soccer skills, strategies and mechanics. Great foundations begin at a young age and this program will give your child an excellent head start!

Class Descriptions

SoccerBees (Ages 2½ - 4 years) 45 minutes

45 minutes / $45 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

This class introduces preschool athletes to the fun, athleticism and camaraderie of soccer! Emphasis is placed on basic elements of forward ball movement, forward passing, trapping, collecting, kicking and scoring. Students are introduced to the group dynamics of play, teamwork and sportsmanship. Coaches will lay a fun foundation for the conditioning and fitness that will be required of (and will distinguish!) our future soccer players!

Kickeroos (Ages 4-6 years) 1 hour

1 hour / $63 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

This class is designed to prepare 4- 6 year olds for AYSO and other team soccer programs. Kickeroos will learn ball movement, dribbling, trapping, collecting, and scoring. They will learn forward and side passing and will be introduced to using both feet in ball movement. With a continued focus on the object of the game, students will gain an understanding of team play and the general rules and strategies of soccer. Kickeroos will have a great head start to joining a competitive soccer team!

Soccer 1

1 hour / $63 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

This one hour class is for school-age children. Lesson plans focus on detailed soccer instruction; specifically technique, form, and skill development. This class allows students to get hands-on training in a contained environment with a low teacher to student ration.