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We believe that every child is a champion. We believe in providing excellent training in an environment where the child comes first. We believe that participating in athletics should be challenging and progressive, but never at the expense of fun... or a child’s self worth. We believe that sports should serve as a springboard for lifelong health and fitness, as well as an enduring source of validation and pride. We recognize that each child is unique and that each child learns in his or her own way. We understand that each success, great and small, is important.

Welcome to Cal Elite Kids.


Cal Elite Kids’ gymnastics program is based on our own unique Performance Oriented Curriculum. Twice a year, all of our athletes participate in a gym wide athletic SPECTACULAR! At Cal Elite Kids, we teach gymnastics with an aim toward performance. Instead of just teaching rote cartwheels or back handsprings across the floor, our students learn high level gymnastics skills incorporating music, theatrics, props, bars, vaults, beams, trampolines, ropes, trapezes and costuming. Our expectations are high and our students excel! Come see why our athletes continue to improve and enjoy their gymnastics year after year!

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Class Descriptions

(Parent & Me) Sweet Peas (Birth to Walking)

30 minutes / $48 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

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This class was designed specifically with baby in mind; focusing mainly on sensory processing, the development of gross and fine motor skills, setting the foundation for coordination and strength development, and reinforcing the loving bond between parent and child. The lesson plans combine structure, consistency, and exploration to meet the growing needs of our littlest ones.

(Parent & Me) Tutsi Rolls (12 months (or walking) – 2 ½ years )

30 minutes / $48 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Using equipment and circuits designed specifically for little ones, our “Tutsi Rolls” work on gross motor skills in a playful, socially enriched environment. Classes are based on progressive lesson plans and learning objectives are met through music, repetition, encouragement and recognition.

Tumblebees (2 ½ - 4 years)

45 minutes / $72 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Toddlers love gymnastics! This class introduces Tumblebees to the dynamic sport of gymnastics. We channel all that buzzzzy energy into an organized, structured program featuring the tumble floor, baby beam, trampoline, baby bars, and vault. While they are learning gymnastics, they are also learning about counting, colors, ratios, proportions, consequences, music, cooperation and much more!

Kinderoos (4 – 6 years)

1 hour / $84 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Kinderoos is the important class that serves as the bridge between preschool gymnastics and our academy and team programs. Kinderoos are making huge strides in their physical, social and cognitive development that enable them to take on increasingly challenging skills! Kinderoos build strength and confidence as they learn skills on the tumble floor, balance beam, bars, trampoline and vault. Emphasis is placed on proper form and technique to build a strong foundation for academy gymnastics.

Level 1 (Ages 6 & older)

1 hour / $84 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Level 1 is designed to teach students the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on the correct body position required in completing forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Students will learn to run with proper form and technique and hurdle and rebound skills from a spring board, and will demonstrate a correct straight jump. On the bars students will be gaining the upper body strength needed to hold their chin above the bar, and the core strength to hold their legs at a 90 degree angle. Students will be taught to demonstrate control in rolling forward from a front support into an “L” hang. Students will become comfortable with various basic skills on the balance beam, again, focusing on proper form and technique.

Level 2 (Ages 6 & older)

1½ hours / $110 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Level 2 curriculum emphasizes developing strength and flexibility. Students will be introduced to back bend kick-overs. They will run, hurdle onto a spring board, and execute a dive roll. On bars students will master the pull over mount and other skills that develop strength in the upper body and core. Students will be taught a back hip circle while maintaining a proper hollow body position. Students will learn introductory beam connections, concentrating on body positioning, clean lines, and fluidity.

Level 3 (Ages 6 & older)

1½ hours / $110 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Level 3 students are ready to take off! Strong emphasis is placed on ensuring students continue to develop and maintain excellent form and technique as they begin mastering more advanced skills on all events. Students will demonstrate front and back walkovers and learn a round-off. Students will complete a handstand to flat back on vault, while maintaining a tight body position. Students will continue to work their pullovers on bars and will be concentrating on keeping legs together and straight. Back hip circles and double back hip circles will be mastered in this level. Students will also learn a proper glide swing, which utilizes their increasingly improving strength, body awareness and control. On balance beam students will begin to execute handstands, cartwheels, turns, leaps, and more advanced jumps.

Level 4 (Ages 6 & older)

1½ hours / $110 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Level 4 is where technical fundamentals, combined with the hard-earned strength and flexibility developed in previous levels, begin to transform into powerful skills and graceful sequences. Students will work on back and front handsprings, aerials, and round-off back handsprings. Students will complete a front handspring on vault, while still concentrating on a tight, hollowed body position throughout. Students will continue to strengthen fundamental bar progressions to help in the process of learning more advanced skills such as kips, clear-hip circles, and flyaways. On beam, focus is on handstands; cartwheel turns, and leaps; adding back walkovers and various mounts and dismounts. Upon completion of Level 4, students will advance to Team Gymnastics.


The Gymnastics Squad is an invitational gymnastics class that provides our youngest gymnasts with the opportunity to train in a ‘team’ environment with similarly talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic gymnast friends.

Team Gymnastics

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What to Wear

Girls typically wear a leotard with or without shorts or sweat pants. Boys typically wear a t-shirt and shorts or sweats. No socks or shoes. For safety reasons, we discourage jewelry, hooded sweatshirts, jeans or street pants, belts, zippers, and baggy clothing. Long hair should be pulled back – no hard barrettes. Leotards are available for purchase in the Elite Boutique!