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We believe that every child is a champion. We believe in providing excellent training in an environment where the child comes first. We believe that participating in athletics should be challenging and progressive, but never at the expense of fun... or a child’s self worth. We believe that sports should serve as a springboard for lifelong health and fitness, as well as an enduring source of validation and pride. We recognize that each child is unique and that each child learns in his or her own way. We understand that each success, great and small, is important.

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Dance is amazing! Did you know...

  • Dance provides a wonderful link between a child’s early play and the more structured requirements of school.
  • Dance enhances a child’s physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and social development.
  • Dance provides opportunities to develop the imagination, and encourages children to co-operate, develop friendships, and appreciate their own abilities as well as their classmates’ abilities;
  • Dance fosters important relationships with sound, music, auditory and physical patterns.

General Introduction and Philosophies

Cal Elite Kids Dance School provides professional dance training to students ages 1 ½ - 18 years. We offer a structured curriculum designed to teach excellent dance technique and form, while promoting strength and flexibility; encouraging commitment; instilling grace; and fostering a life long love and appreciation of dance. It is our firm belief that every dancer must start with strong technical training in the classical dance disciplines. Our emphasis on technique and form begins in our preschool dance program. We take full advantage of all that is wonderful about a preschooler and make sure that our program is sweet, encouraging, and interactive.

Our curriculum is designed as a year-round program. It is our goal to keep your child interested in dance and to ensure that s/he is learning and progressing each week. To meet these goals, we introduce new lessons, music, and teaching concepts on a regular basis. We also incorporate relevant themes, costuming, and props to keep dancers interested and motivated. We proudly host 3 dance recitals/performances each year and encourage all dancers to participate in these extra special dance events!


Preschool Dance

Class Descriptions

Tutsi Toes: (12 months (or walking) – 2 ½ years )

30 minutes / $44 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Sometimes it takes two to Boogie! Tutsi Toes provides 30 minutes of baby dance with a parent by their side. Teachers incorporate music, singing. Students gain balance, strength and flexibility through this early dance curriculum and also enjoy cognitive benefits through the memorization of songs, and the auditory and physical patterns of dance. Dancers should be able to come out to the dance floor by themselves before moving up to Twirly Bees.

Twirly Bees: (2 ½ - 4 yrs)

45 minutes / $58 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Toddlers love to dance! Twirly Bees enjoy 45 minutes of dance with music and song as the backdrop. Tumbling gives them flexibility to their movement. Tap challenges our toddlers’ auditory and fine motor skills; and while they soften their steps in Ballet, they develop the early grace and balance essential to dancers. Jazz helps develop the coordination to hop, skip and hip shake which always adds plenty of fun to the class!

Kinderdance: (4-6 yrs)

1 hour / $68 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

For the older preschooler/kindergartner, this program provides the important foundation for developing your child into a well-rounded dancer. The curriculum focuses on Tumbling, Tap, Ballet and Jazz. Emphasis is placed on age appropriate proper technique. Students learn in a performance based environment, mastering technique while learning the music and choreography to dance routines. Young dancers love to perform and this class helps them develop performance skills and prepares them for more advanced academy dance classes and team programs.

Academy Dance: (6-8 yrs, 8-10 yrs, 10-12 yrs, 12 yrs & up)

1 hour / $68 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Our goal is to provide excellent dance training through a concentration of the basic dance discipline of Tap, Ballet and Jazz, augmented by a variety of elective dance choices such as Jazz/Funk, Leaps & Turns, Jazz/Tumbling, and Musical Theater. We believe that an accomplished dancer is well rounded, with strengths in several dance disciplines. Academy dance classes are offered to new dance students 6 years and older.

Class Descriptions


Class is an hour long and works on the classical technique. Dancers will work on poise, grace, stability at the barre and at center. The class will work on Ballet progressions from basic foot work to jumps and turns.


Class is a combination of Jazz and Tap that gives dancers a strong foundation of dance. Dancers spend 30 minutes on each technique of Tap and Jazz. They learn how to combine basic steps into choreography.

Leaps and Turns:

Class is an hour long working on the basic technique of Jazz dancing. Dancers will work on isolations, balance, flexibility, across the floor motion, as well as basic turns and leaping skills.


Dancing is broken down into 30 minutes spent working on beginning Tumbling skills, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, front and back walkovers. And 30 minutes spent working on beginning Jazz technique. Dancers will learn how to combine both skills into dances showcasing both abilities.


Class is a combination of Jazz and Hip Hop that creates an upbeat and challenging environment for the student. Class consists of warm-up, across the floor, and Jazz/Funk dance combinations that combine the technique of Jazz with more contemporary hip-hip moves. This class will really get your child moving!

Hip Hop:

This class provides a fast paced dance atmosphere that includes a fun warm-up, isolations, across the floor, and contemporary Hip-Hop style combinations. Class is filled with Hip-Hop music and choreography that will challenge the students to focus on connecting with the rhythm as well as learning how to control their body in new ways.

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Dance Team

Dance Show Team:

Cal Elite is nationally recognized for producing multi talented athletes who are stellar in not just one discipline, but three or more! Our top dancers compete and perform in multiple dance disciplines making them ultra talented, well rounded, highly sought after performers!

The DANCE SHOW TEAM is designed to identify and prepare academy dancers for more advanced and integrated opportunities at Cal Elite. It is open to all academy dancers ages 4 and older.

Depending on their age, members of the DANCE SHOW TEAM cross train in 3-4 disciplines:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop and/or Tumbling

For more information on Show Team please contact Laura Martel at

Competitive Team:

Cal Elite Kids is the proud home of the nationally recognized Cal Elite Kids Dance Team. We have competitive dancers ages 5 – 18 years. The Cal Elite Kids Dance Team has competed and performed all over the country including Hawaii, New York, and Florida. Our goal is to develop technically strong, well rounded, confident dancers and performers. Team dancers are trained in the disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Leaps and Turns, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical and Aerial Arts. We have an amazing staff of professional teachers who are phenomenal at motivating, training, and encouraging dancers of any age.

Cal Elite Kids Dance Team members compete in 4-5 regional competitions a year and also have the opportunity to attend conventions to train with some of the best dancers in the industry.

We are currently auditioning for the 2016-2017 dance season. If you are interested in joining the Cal Elite Team or have further questions please contact our Dance Team Director: - Juli Yamanaka at

Cal Elite Kids offers the following 6 Competitive Team Options:

  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theater
  • Solos, Duets, and Trios

Please note: Cal Elite Dance Team technique schedule of classes are not available through our website. Currently the only class offerings shown on our website are for entry level dancers. If you are interested in team technique or more advanced classes please email Juli Yamanaka at