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Cal Elite Kids

We believe that every child is a champion. We believe in providing excellent training in an environment where the child comes first. We believe that participating in athletics should be challenging and progressive, but never at the expense of fun... or a child’s self worth. We believe that sports should serve as a springboard for lifelong health and fitness, as well as an enduring source of validation and pride. We recognize that each child is unique and that each child learns in his or her own way. We understand that each success, great and small, is important.

Welcome to Cal Elite Kids.


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Theater class is designed for students who want to explore the world of Broadway and Musical Theater. Classes include creative movement, song, acting, and dance. Students will work to build confidence and skills including group play, projection and coordination.

Glee Elite:

1 hour / $42 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

The Academy Show Choir is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in an intense study of vocal performance. Students will learn the art of movement and dance as well as the enhancement of the vocal renditions of various works. A portion of each class will be devoted to strengthening sight reading and improving vocal technique.

Kinder Glee:

1 hour / $42 per month (tuition will be adjusted in the 5 week months)

Pre-School Choir is offered to students who want to sing for enjoyment while continuing to develop their musical knowledge and vocal skills. Emphasis is placed on independent part singing.  In this class students will explore many styles of music.  They will also strengthen their sense of rhythm and conceptual language while practicing and learning good vocal and performance skills.

Ages: 4 – 6
Number of participants: max. 10 children
Duration: 45 Minutes